Challenges circle around complex future questions that ask for thinking and acting together. They cannot be tackled by individuals, but heavily rely on collective intelligence.
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Intelligente Stadt gestalten
Smart City, Digitale Partizipation
Kreativ Bund, Berlin
Wie können digitale Technologien bei der ganzheitlichen Umgestaltung des urbanen Raums helfen?
337 Ratings, 35 Speculations
Challenge closed
Digitale Gesundheit
E-Health, Nudging
Kreativ Bund, Berlin
Welche Rolle können digitale Technologien bei der Gestaltung eines gesunden Lebens spielen?
235 Ratings, 35 Speculations
Challenge closed
Sexualität und Technologie
Sextech, Wellbeing
Kreativ Bund, Berlin
Wie können digitale Innovationen sexuelles Wohlbefinden inklusiv fördern
468 Ratings, 37 Speculations
Challenge closed
Flow of Berlin
Pollution, Water, Climate Resilience
STATE Studio, Berlin
How might we re-imagine the future relationship to our local water bodies?
489 Ratings, 32 Speculations
Challenge closed
New Modes of Mobility
Mobility, Urban Future, Inclusion
STATE Studio, Berlin
How might we rethink Berlin’s future of mobility?
496 Ratings, 45 Speculations
Challenge closed
Cartographies of Change
Post-Crisis, Mapping Trends, 2030
STATE Studio, Berlin
How might our world have changed by 2030?
339 Ratings, 68 Speculations
Challenge closed
Urban Microbiome
Microbiome, Urban Planning, More-than-human
CCCB, Barcelona
How might we rethink the interaction between humans and microorganisms in urban spaces?
22 Ratings, 3 Speculations
Challenge closed
Harmonious City
Urban sounds, Sonic Perception, Interspecies
CCCB, Barcelona
How might we envision a more harmonious, well sounding city?
32 Ratings, 6 Speculations
Challenge closed
Decolonising Mars
Space travel, Decolonization, Mars
Art Hub, Copenhagen
How might we re-imagine space migration from a decolonial perspective?
35 Ratings, 8 Speculations
Challenge closed
A Blockchain Society
Non-hierarchical, Decentralised, Blockchain
Art Hub, Copenhagen
What could a blockchain-driven society look like?
27 Ratings, 4 Speculations
Challenge closed
Sustaining Scapes
Tourism, Footprint, Cyprus
CYENS, Cyprus
How might we re-imagine tourism as a sustainable and eco-sensitive industry?
77 Ratings, 15 Speculations
Challenge closed
Circular Futures
Circular, Systemic, Transformation
Ars Electronica, Linz
Imagine a circular future. What do you see?
81 Ratings, 9 Speculations
Challenge closed
Big Data and the City
Big data, Urban mobility
How do you imagine the future of sustainable cities in the age of big data?
41 Ratings, 3 Speculations
Challenge closed
Improving Urban Sustainability
Livability, Urban Innovation
How do you think your life could be affected by a more green and sustainable environment?
22 Ratings, 3 Speculations
Challenge closed
Smart Agriculture
food security, sustainability, decentralization, agriculture
Onassis Stegi, Athens, Greece
How might we rethink rural areas as role models of sustainability and prosperity through the use of technology?
16 Ratings, 10 Speculations
Challenge closed
Virtuous Circles
youth empowerment, circular policies, prototyping
Onassis Stegi, Athens, Greece
How might we rethink the role of schools in promoting circular economy and culture locally?
16 Ratings, 6 Speculations
Challenge closed
Neue Formen der Mobilität
Mobility, Urban Future, Inclusion
STATE Studio, Berlin
Wie könnten wir die Zukunft der Mobilität in Berlin neu denken?
133 Ratings, 18 Speculations
Challenge closed
ABP Conference 2022
Leadership, Remote, Hybrid, New work
Meta Lucid, London
How can we reimagine new leadership attitudes and behaviours for a post pandemic work environment
90 Ratings, 16 Speculations
Challenge closed