Challenge by MAXXI/SONY
How do you think your life could be affected by a more green and sustainable environment?
© Olga Kisselova
© Olga Kisselova
Welcome to this Futures Canvas challenge
Let’s explore the possibilities of the future together and respond with ideas for positive change
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The challenge devises possible future scenarios to improve cities' quality of life and sustainability, focusing on the role of trees and urban greenery as keys for re-imagining cities in terms of well-being, inclusion and mobility.

© Olga Kisselova
© Olga Kisselova
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3 opinions have been collected, rated and compiled into 4 distinct future scenarios, autonomously generated by artificial intelligence.
See the collected opinions and the resulting future scenarios.
7 Ratings
Olga Kisseleva (Artist Speculation)
Bio-inspired AI appears to be our future. Centralized systems of control will be replaced by others, more flexible and autonomous, founded on interactions between simple agents inspired by swarm intelligence which characterizes natural organisms, such as plants, insects, or viruses.
41% certain
17% disagreement
52% desirable
25% disagreement
6 Ratings
Olga Kisseleva (Artist Speculation)
Using the power of the interconnectedness of trees, city spaces, which are full of emotions of solastalgia and nature-lack-disorders, have been repaired.
37% certain
18% disagreement
65% desirable
16% disagreement
9 Ratings
Olga Kisseleva (Artist Speculation)
New urban spaces for citizens to recharge in public have been created. For this, human movements through the city are mapped (using a combination of citizen science and data processing algorithms) and linked with the location of trees in the streets.
56% certain
21% disagreement
73% desirable
15% disagreement
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